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The Stop the Dump Coalition

The Stop the Dump Coalition banded together in 2008 when Riverbend Landfill -- already the one of largest dumps in Oregon -- asked Yamhill County to allow it to void its scheduled October 2014 closure date and instead to quadruple in size, dumping 40 million tons of stinky trash on the South Yamhill River.

Farmers, neighbors, and environmental organizations joined local businesses to oppose the expansion. After contentious hearings, the landfill agreed to halve its request, meaning it would accept only another 10-12 million tons of garbage and expand only a mile down Highway 18, the busiest tourist highway in the entire state of Oregon. We defeated this application in court, but the landfill is back with several expansion plans, one of which could allow it to grow from McMinnville to Sheridan, a possible 13 miles of garbage.

Our Mission

Stop expansion of Riverbend Landfill. Close the dump on schedule in 2014.

The Stop the Dump Coalition, including Waste Not of Yamhill County and the Coalition Partners oppose any expansion of Riverbend Landfill.

We want to stop the dump from:

  • doubling in size
  • staying open for 20-30 more years
  • hauling in more out-of-county or out-of-state waste to be left forever on the banks of the South Yamhill River
  • threatening our air, our water, our soils, our homes, our roads, our businesses

We want Yamhill County and its waste handlers to:

  • recover all recyclable materials
  • turn our waste into useful products like compost, electricity, and fuel oils

We want County officials to:

  • convene a forum to address alternatives to Riverbend Landfill
  • implement the County's Solid Waste Management Plan which requires the County to plan for our solid waste future and to "consider alternatives" in light of Riverbend's projected closure in 2014 (SWMP at p 5:11)
  • find a long-term, community-friendly, sustainable solution to solid waste disposal in Yamhill County.